After some 30 years of studying and following bible prophecy, I can recall how little was truly understood back then, and as recently as 5 years ago regarding the book of Revelation.  
While it is still a book that takes a keen knowledge and understanding of the Old Testament to grasp, today we who watch, can see the plans for the antichrist system falling into place and the book of Revelation beginning to reveal its truths progressively.   
These video documentaries are extremely well done with information and ideas that are fascinating regarding the image of the Beast (Rev. 13:15) and today's philosophies, politics and technologies that are helping to fulfill what the ancient prophets and apostles predicted for the end times.  For me, this was an evening of viewing that was well spent, as I reached for my bible and concordances throughout.  -W.E.

timmy o

If you missed the first and original "Age of Deceit", can catch it below:

A Great Storm is Coming

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