Iraq's Second City "Free of Christians"


Christians have fled en masse from Mosul, Iraq's second-largest city, abandoning communities that date back to the first centuries of Christianity.

Islamic extremists who now control the city gave Christians until midday Saturday to convert to Islam, pay a tax or face death.
According to MidEast Christian News, the IS rulers ordered hospitals to dismiss Christian doctors and female employees. The report says extremists also marked the houses of Christians as "Property of the Islamic State".
By the time the deadline imposed by the Islamic State expired, most Christians were gone.  Mosul, where Christianity has existed for nearly 2,000 years, was now virtually "free of Christians".

As Christian families drove out of the city some reported being stopped at IS check points and robbed of gold earrings, cell phones and other valuables. 
With their few remaining possessions, most Christians headed for areas in northern Iraq where they would be under the protection of the Kurdish security forces.
Some fled to the town of Qaraqoush, where they found temporary lodging at a monastery.

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