Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Message to the World


Watch Prime Minister Netanyahu’s short and pointed message to the world. 
It is one that we (especially here in the USA) should remember – because when militant Islam turns its guns off of Israel, they will be pointed directly at us and our allies.
Consider the history of this conflict. Israel did not start the fighting, and Israel did not provoke the surrounding Muslim nations in any way – other than to declare their Independence.

“I ask, not only for your support. I ask for your moral stance. I ask you to support Israel’s right to defend itself and not to sanctify the idea that these brutal terrorists can attack a beleaguered democracy, can rocket our cities, can target millions of our people, can hide among their civilians and get away with it.
Because if they can – you’re next.
And what message does it send to Al Qaeda, to Boko Haram, Hezbollah, to ISIS, what does it send? What kind of message does it send? What kind of moral message does it send?
When Israel is being condemned for doing what any Democracy would legitametly do to defend itself?
I ask you to stand with Israel, because it is right. It is our right to defend ourselves and it is our right to exercise that right.”

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