"The strategic implications of fallen walls are severe.  The big one is this, the enemy comes and goes at his will, walls represent a nations sovereignty.  If the walls are down, the enemy has reign." 


"You may have been hearing about the large amount of Palestinian civilian casualties during the latest military action in Gaza called "Operation Protective Edge".  As bizarre as it sounds, that is the fault of Hamas, the people that are supposed to be protecting those civilians.  Israel is actually letting the enemy know in advance what targets it will hit next.  It's firing warning shots, dropping leaflets, even making phone calls and doing all it can to warn civilians away, but Hamas is ordering them to stay. 
After Israel warned people in one area of northern Gaza to temporarily leave their homes, most did.  But Hamas then ordered them back.  The Hamas Interior Ministry sent out this word:
"To all of our people evacuating their homes - return immediately and don't leave your houses.  Heeding Israels warnings only aids [Israel] in achieving it's agenda." 
- Hamas Interior Ministry Warning

John Boy

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