U.N. Confirms It Will Intervene in Detroit

Something like 300,000 residents, haven't paid for their water.  The utility is owed $90 million bucks and the city of Detroit is trying to hang in there after filing bankruptcy.  They haven't had a conservative mayor in 5 decades which of course means they have about as much fiscal accountability as say...the U.S. Senate.  
Detroit, looks like we have a problem, enter the United Nations...uh, wait a minute.  Isn't the United States a sovereign nation?  Isn't Detroit a city inside of the state of Michigan that is part of that sovereign nation? (Okay, maybe Dearborn, or should I say, Sharia compliant Dearbornistan doesn't count). So why in the world is the U.N. getting all up in our business? Well, we could blame it on too many years of Progressive's managing Detroit.  Or, we could blame it on Agenda 21.  Or, we could blame it on the weakness of President Obama to tell the U.N. to get OUT OF OUR BUSINESS...but then, it would all be the same thing...the ever growing New World Order.    
In essence, Detroit is a microcosm of what Obama and his Progressive's pals are turning the rest of America into.   
Call me a "conspiracy nut if you must, but I find this issue to be another manufactured crisis designed to have an outcome that will benefit the elite, and crush the citizenry. Perhaps it is even a test run, just sayin'. By the way, it has been reported that 32 states are actually insolvent right now. That's a big deal. When they collapse our economy, and they will...the U.N. will come running in, alongside Homeland Security, to "fix" everything.  But of course, nothing gets fixed for free there will be a cost, this nation's sovereignty and your freedom. -W.E.


According to writer Jerome Corsi, the U.N. Human Rights Council’s office in Geneva has confirmed that the United Nations is planning to intervene in the ongoing water situation in Detroit, calling it a violation of international law.
The U.N. is planning formal policy discussions with the Obama Administration regarding Detroit, and it will issue a full report in the Human Rights Council.
Detroit, which has water rates that on average are about double those in the rest of the nation, has been shutting off water to residences by the thousands because at least half of its water customers are in arrears due to the rampant poverty in the city.
The result is that 4,500 poor families -- most of whom are black, and who include children, the sick and the elderly -- are living in residences where they cannot bathe, cook or use the bathroom.
To help alleviate this situation, the Detroit City Council recently raised water rates another 8 percent.
U.N. rules require that Special Rapporteur on Safe Water and Sanitation Catarina de Albuquerque intervene with the U.S. federal government, first privately then publicly.
While she herself has no enforcement powers, she has previously recommended that the United States adopt minimal water standards in compliance with United Nations rules in the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, which President Jimmy Carter signed but the Senate never ratified.
In a June U.N. news release, de Albuquerque said that water shutoffs are only justifiable if a customer can afford to pay and refuses, and that "when there is genuine inability to pay, human rights simply forbids disconnections."
Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights Leilana Farha added that the water situation is leading to the removal of children from their families because the waterless housing is no longer deemed suitable by government officials. She added,  "If these water disconnections disproportionately affect African Americans they may be discriminatory, in violation of treaties the United States has ratified."
Rep. John Conyers has invoked the shadow of U.N. involvement to call for federal assistance to Detroit, saying that the situation had developed over the course of years because of the economic meltdown and other factors.
The city's water officials, however, seem to be saying that it's just a case of people being deadbeats and the water shutoffs are just Detroit's way of putting people in a wine press to see if any more blood comes out.
Detroit is like the perfect storm for liberalism. All the liberal policies of past decades have come to a head that has devastated the city, and yet the city's leaders keep tightening the screws, creating an opening for a federal and even international takeover.
Most alarming about the situation, aside from the use of Americans as pawns, is the prospect of international law intruding in a sovereign state and city, with the cooperation of our federal government. The last thing anyone should want is to see U.N.-marked armored personnel carriers (and they will have to be armored in Detroit) rolling through the streets, even if they're just there to distribute water.
Many people have long believed that the United Nations would one day find a way to take control of U.S. cities on the march toward a New World Order.
Keep your eyes on Detroit.