What Is Happening Across America?? The NEW WORLD ORDER Is Here 2014 (Video)

If you've wondered why you don't recognize America anymore, it is because America has been profoundly altered and fundamentally transformed. 
Have you thought about it lately?

From the Police and the Military, to the Federal, State and Local governments, the fix is in, the change is real. Some of it has changed so slow over time, its been almost imperceptible.  Some of it has happened so quickly and is so stunning it takes your breath away. 

The change is foreboding... and there is a Sense of DOOM.... if we stop, think and analyze the change of where we were even 20 years ago, and where we are now.

How you receive medical care is changing.  Your employment status has likely already changed.  Neighborhoods are changing.  What is considered acceptable speech in many settings is changing, or has been changed.  
The definition of a family has changed.
You are being monitored, listened to, watched. You are. 
Your emails and phone conversations are saved. 
Your social media habits are documented. 
Big Brother either knows or has access to who you voted for.  
What you like to eat for dinner.  How much money you have in the bank.


Your medical history.
Soon the dollar will have been completely devalued or altogether made obsolete.  
Your religion, if it is Christian or Jewish is no longer as acceptable in many, if not most circles, and the trajectory of such is upwards.  
Child abuse is rampant.
Drug and alcohol abuse, common and widespread. 
Entertainment has changed where the darker, the more morose, the more lewd is common.  
Children's programming and entertainment contains large amounts of satanic images and symbols that are dark and sinister.....and they have replaced Sunday School and the church. 

God is openly mocked and blasphemed.  HIS name has become a swear word.
Some of us think, "yes, that is true, but it isn't touching my family".  Unless you and your family are living in a bubble, it is touching all of us. 
Even crime is getting darker and more demented.  

America has changed.....
...........................................and has forgotten her first love. 


Jason A

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