Jew Jersey Jihad

Photo: Seen this morning at 117 Winslow Place Garwood, New Jersey (twitter Marc Leibowitz) (thanks to Sandra)

The norming of jihad, the norming of sharia and a islamophiliac President makes such treason rather pedestrian. 
Can you, for a second, imagine a flag of jihad flying outside a New Jersey home on, say, September 12, 2001. There would be mayhem! And rightly so. The difference between then and now is the powerful influence of Muslim Brotherhood operatives in the media, the government and in the schools. We are witnessing our destruction from within.

The pre-Obama, pre-Eric Holder Justice Department proved that the Muslim Brotherhood  was subversively operating in America, seeking, in the words of its own internal memorandum, “to eliminate and destroy Western civilization from within” by “sabotage.”

The flag of jihad hanging outside a Jersey house is akin to the Nazi swastika flag handing outside the home of any American during WWII.


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