Obama Provided Training For Syrian Rebels Who Joined ISIS


Islamist Syrian rebels who later joined ISIS were trained by U.S. instructors in Jordan in 2012, according to Jordanian officials.
The US possesses a secret military base in the country, which they used to train rebels to bring down the Syrian government regime of President Bashar al-Assad. Dozens of fighters who later joined ISIS participated in the training.

Not only did the US provide training for the rebels; American weaponry has also made its way into the hands of ISIS. The US sold items to Iraq such as rifles, Hellfire missiles, aircraft, and reconnaisance drones. When Mosul was taken, weapons that the US had given to the Iraqi government were left behind and captured by ISIS.
Supposed pictures of ISIS using American equipment and weapons soon made its way onto Twitter:

Considering the dangerous blowback that US intervention in the region has so far generated, is it wise for the US to press on for a third Iraq war?

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