The Cult of Erdogan


I found these references quite fascinating:
As Erdogan addressed the crowd from the platform, a woman was seen fainting. Erdogan gesticulated as if saying “bring her over.” Instead of being taken away by ambulance, the allegedly sick woman was taken to Erdogan. The stretcher was elevated to the platform and Erdogan reached out to the woman. She grabbed his right hand with both hands, screaming “Allah, Allah, Allahu Akbar” (God is great). The screams were heard clearly both at the venue and in the live TV broadcast because Erdogan still had the microphone in his left hand. The footage of the incident hit the Internet media with the tag, “The woman who recovered after holding Erdogan’s hand.”
The extraordinary qualities his followers attribute to Erdogan stem from his Islamism. That is, Islam is the source of the exceptional. Back in February 2010, the AKP’s provincial chairman in the western province of Aydin, Ismail Sezer, found himself expelled from the party after he said, “Erdogan is like a second prophet to us.” Yet, others who have validated our proverb with respect to Erdogan have not faced any sanctions. Here are some of many examples:
Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek on Erdogan’s visit to the southeastern province of Sanliurfa on March 9: “Spring has come to Sanliurfa. Both nature and history are rising up to greet our prime minister.”
AKP lawmaker Fevai Aslan on Jan. 16: “Erdogan is a leader who gathers all of Allah’s qualities in himself.”
Deputy Health Minister Agah Kafkas on May 19, 2013: “To do what Erdogan does is sunna [body of Islamic custom and practice based on Prophet Muhammad's words and deeds].”
AKP lawmaker Huseyin Sahin on July 20, 2011: “Believe me, even touching our prime minister is worship to me.”

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