US Journalist Reportedly Beheaded by Islamic State

Journalist James Foley believed to have been beheaded by ISIS
Here is a link to the actual beheading.  I personally don't need to see it.  

This is a real war, and most of America either doesn't know we are in it, or they don't comprehend the severity of it.
This will soon be on our homeland, and part of the American landscape, making 911 seem like a minor event, unless we begin to act now!  The best place to start is for our nation to turn to the Lord and pray for His divine mercies.  The very next place is to demand that the Islamist regime that has infiltrated the White House be removed...urgently. I fear that 2016 will be too late. Obama and his cronies have fomented this, they have enabled this, they have armed these terrorists around the world. They have opened our borders to them. They have given billions of dollars to them.  They have blood on their hands. The number of jihadists and jihadi camps in America, and coming across our borders are unknown, but do not doubt it is large enough number, with probable access to weapons of mass destruction.  
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