Colonel: Obama’s Airstrikes In Syria Were Designed To Limit Terrorist Casualties

Lt. Col Ralph Peters

This President has yet to wage a war against his fellow Muslims.  Oh yes, he came into office with war on two fronts, and did all he could do to not win those wars, but withdraw.  The withdrawal of all forces from Iraq lead us into this current quagmire, helped along of course by the U.S. creating ISIS and arming ISIS.    Meanwhile, here at home, Obama has been plenty busy waging war against Christians, the middle-class, the economy national defense and our healthcare while simultaneously building up the U.S. government to proportions never before seen, arming them to the teeth and bringing radical upon radical czars and God knows what else into this government.   -W.E.

h/t Nena S.

"We went in the middle of the night because that way the buildings were empty because President Obama didn't want to hurt any terrorists.  In the middle of the night, you blow out windows you knock down antennas.  The right time to hit if you wanted to hurt the Islamic State terrorists, militants, would have been ten or eleven in the morning when those headquarters, buildings, logistic sites and compounds would have been crowded."


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