Stay Tuned for More Scripted Terror! (Video)

Have you ever noticed how scripted the news cycle is moving from one crisis to another almost in a synchronized fashion? 
It really is like clockwork.  I've been watching the news cycles very closely now for so long, it has become painfully obvious to me.  Sometimes, just to really keep the pot stirring, we get to enjoy multiple crisis' at the same time, always following the bouncing ball! The really interesting part is of course that most of it, to use a technical term, is total bunk.
Benghazi hung around probably longer than it was supposed to when America saw through the "it was a video" routine (and I only say that because FOX NEWS stuck with it, the rest of the media, not so much).  Ooops, they didn't get that one right.  
All the gun control efforts via fake shootings I don't think has gone as well as planned either (Remember how Eric Holder said that we should "brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way"?  Yeah, they keep trying).  
The President's scandals, they also seep out from time to time, like the IRS, and the already mentioned Benghazi but most we RARELY hear about, and when he (Barry Soetoro) lies, and he does continuously, it's HARDLY an issue for the media.  
6 Trillion in new debt? Hardly a word.  Not enforcing federal Immigration laws? Who cares, he does it for the children! Speaking of which, remember all the poor kids coming across the border all alone, so we have to just let everyone in? Yeah, that was a big lie. Just a blip on the TV screen and the crisis seems to have passed.  But not really, the borders are as porous as ever, it's just that the media has moved on.   
The Ferguson riots were a nice manufactured distraction that made it past a week and did a nice job to stir racial differences.    
Current crisis? Gotta be ISIS. The same ISIS that we created. Funny, not a mention of that either. Except the government oddly says they are not a threat. But now way they are a threat. Rarely is there a mention that we fund HAMAS and send arms to al Qaeda either. No, can't do that because then the U.S. Government would look just like a terror state, now wouldn't it? Not to mention the fact that the media never questions that the terrorist group the Muslim Brotherhood, is working inside of the Obama administration, so why make a fuss when we support radical Islam outside of the borders?  
Hey, whatever happened to that war on terror anyway? 
I guess when ISIS was marching openly across the Iraqi desert on the way to behead and terrorize Christians, bombing the bad guys would be against some sort of Obama rule, even though using drones on a regular basis to bomb people around the globe seems to be one of his favorite past times?

How about the destruction of the middle class, is that ever mentioned? Hardly a peep.

You see, there is no time for those types of stories as the Mainstream media, which is itself a money making business, is too busy working in concert with our corrupt government in keeping the 'fundamental transformation of America agenda' rolling along.


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