Watch VIDEO: Muslim Punches Jew In Health Clinic Waiting Room


Islamic Jew-hatred, it’s in the Qur’an. This belief system turns men into savages.

This is from a year ago, but it is illustrative of an ongoing phenomenon — Islamic Jew-hatred — that the world ignores and denies, and is therefore worth seeing and knowing about on an ongoing basis. It is not an isolated incident.

Arab Punches Jew In Health Clinic Waiting Room (Video),  By Leo Traub, TLV News, September 16, 2013

A Jewish man was punched in the face by an Arab while both men were sitting in a health clinic waiting room.
The victim, who is being identified only by the letter “A,” was waiting to see an orthopedist in an Arab village when he was attacked, reports The Blaze.  The 20-year-old Arab man, a resident of the village, punched the Jewish man in the face, knocking him to the floor.As seen in the video, all of the other patients in the room seem to focus first on the attacker before turning to the Jewish man curled up on the floor.
Israel Nation News reports that the victim was later taken to the hospital for medical treatment.
This surveillance video, which caught the assault in its entirety on camera, shows no provocation or even interaction between the two men until the attack itself.
“The only characteristic which differentiated me from the others sitting in the waiting room is I’m Jewish,” the victim told Channel 2 News.
Attorney Itamar Ben Gvir, the victim’s legal representation, spoke out against what he perceived to be a lack of appropriate action.
If the roles had been reversed, and a Jew had punched an Arab in a Jewish town, “President [Shimon] Peres would have issued a harsh denouncement, [Justice Minister] Tzipi Livni would have proposed new laws and the chief rabbis would have come to visit,” Ben Gvir said.  “But when a Jew is attacked, it’s as if nothing happened and hypocrisy rules.”
“We demand that the full force of the law be brought against the attacker, and I recommend to the victim to file a civil suit,” he added.

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