Headlines: Monstrous Supertyphoon on Course to Hit Japan this Weekend -Could be a Hypothetical Category 6


Japan Times, Oct. 9, 2014 (emphasis added): A supertyphoon [is] on course to hit Japan over the weekend… meteorologists said Wednesday. The monstrous storm…“strength is very much similar to Haiyan,”…said a meteorologist at the Meteorological Agency… Vongfong was registering gusts of the same strength… Its present course will see it smash into Japan some time over the weekend, just days after another typhoon…

Washington Post, Oct. 9, 2014: Imagery from satellite (and astronauts) illustrates what a powerful storm Super Typhoon Vongfong became this week… with gale-force winds covering around 340,000 square miles — about 70,000 square miles larger than the state of Texas… Super Typhoon Vongfong’s eye was estimated to be around 50 miles wide.

Astronaut Reid Wiseman, Oct. 9, 2014: #SuperTyphoon #Vongfang – I’ve seen many from here, but none like this.

   Voice of America, Oct. 9, 2014: The most powerful storm on the planet so far this year… is forecast to strike mainland Japan… Air Force weather flight chief Master Sergeant Tonya Trythall [said the] current location is one of the better places to sustain a tropical cyclone… “But as it starts turning… water start cooling off slightly [and there's] upper level winds… The storm itself is going to be stronger so it’s not going to tear it apart easily.”

NBC News, Oct. 9, 2014: “It’s safe to say Vongfong is the strongest storm on earth since Haiyan last year,” said [Weather Channel's] Michael Lowry… Navy’s Joint Typhoon Warning Center said Thursday morning… ocean waves were already as high as 50 feet.

CNN, Oct. 8, 2014: At this point winds are at 285 kph, roughly 180 mph. By the way, that would be way above Category 5, if there was anything above Category 5, this could be a hypothetical Cat 6… Cloud field would stretch across the entire US, from Washington State to Washington DC… Among the strongest storms we’ve ever seen. >> Watch broadcast here

Report from Monday following Typhoon Phanfone: Typhoon triggers alarm at Fukushima — Warning of leakage at Reactor 1 turbine building — Leak detected at Reactor 3

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