Obama's Muslim Administration Calls PM Netanyahu a Coward Over Iran (Oct 29, 2014)

Obama has fundamentally transformed even our allies.  Whereas he considers Turkeys President Erdogan (and his Muslim Brotherhood filled government) a "close friend", bows to the Saudi King and remains tied to the nation of Qatar who likely helps to fund ISIS,  this regime is busy squandering and squashing relationships with Israel, Russia and China.  This American, has not forgotten that Obama went out of his way to bring about regime change in Egypt and supported the Muslim Brotherhood PM Morsi, promising money and military armaments to that corrupt regime.  When the people stood up 20 million strong and forced Morsi out of power, Obama backed away from those pledges. Obama's loyalties do not lie with the traditions or allies of America, but with his newly forged and transformed America, which I no longer recognize as the country I grew up in.


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