Three Muslim Teen Girls From Colorado Arrested Trying to Join Islamic State

Check their local mosques. Mosques are not only training centers for jihad, money laundering centers for jihad, but they are also recruiting centers for jihad.  Right here in America this is happening, and it is growing worse.  I can hardly imagine 5 years from now what this nation is going to look like if we continue on this trajectory. - W.E.


Here yet again we see the tremendous appeal that the Islamic State has for young Muslims in the West. 
The condemnations of the Islamic State from Muslim groups have obviously done nothing to blunt that appeal. And no authorities are studying this appeal or doing anything to try to stop it, because that would entail their studying and understanding Islam, and that is something that they are forbidden to do as a matter of Obama Administration policy.
“Teen girls from Denver arrested in Germany were trying to join ISIS, U.S. officials say,” Q13 FOX News, October 21, 2014:
BERLIN — Three teenage girls who set out from a Denver suburb apparently bound for Syria to join extremists fighting there are back home after their parents alerted authorities and the trio was stopped in Germany, U.S. officials said.
The teens — two sisters of Somali descent and a friend whose family is Sudanese, according to a Denver community leader — were detained when their flight landed in Frankfurt on Friday after the FBI flagged their passports. They were flown back to Denver on Sunday, officials said.
Parents of the girls called the FBI after becoming concerned the girls may have been traveling to Turkey….
The girls, believed to be between the ages of 15 and 17, are U.S. citizens thought to have become radicalized in their hometown, officials say.
How? What was the local mosque doing to prevent this?
It’s not exactly clear how the girls planned their trip or how they were going to make their way to Syria, but officials say their ultimate plan was to try and join extremists fighting there.
The FBI has spoken to the teens and interviewed their families, and the agency said at this point they are not facing any charges.
Why not? The Islamic State has made it abundantly clear that it considers itself to be at war with the United States.