3 U.S. Navy sailors attacked on shore in Turkey — ‘Yankee, go home!’


This is the country of Obama’s admired friend, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.  
While Obama was getting advice on how to raise his daughters from that Turkish Islamic supremacist, Erdogan was moving his NATO country into a posture of hostility to Israel and now to the United States. Have you talked to your best friend about this, Obama?
The bag over the soldier’s head sounds like a failed kidnapping attempt.
The fallout from Obama’s weakness and fecklessness on the international stage continues. Americans are fair game now, the world knows Obama will not respond or retaliate.

“3 U.S. Navy sailors attacked on shore in Turkey — ‘Yankee, go home!,’” by Douglas Ernst, The Washington Times, November 12, 2014:
Turkish protesters attacked U.S. sailors in Istanbul on Wednesday.
“Yankee, go home!” a group of roughly 10 men shouted at three U.S. sailors while they attempted to throw a bag over the head of one of the Americans.
“We want you out of our land!” they added, Stars and Stripes reported.
The attackers are believed to have belonged to the nationalist Youth Association, The Associated Press reported Wednesday.
The sailors were able to escape serious injury and run back to the warship USS Ross, which was in port following NATO-related exercises.
Liberty has been canceled for other U.S. military personnel until an investigation into the incident is complete, Stars and Stripes reported.
There are roughly 2,000 troops currently stationed in Turkey, the paper reported.
Most of the U.S. military personnel in the region are operating out of Incirlik Air Base in southern Turkey.
The attack was caught on video.

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