First American Dictator

Most of America is unaware what just happened. 
That being what our Traitor-in-Chief has now done to the U.S. Constitution, and it doesn't look like Boehner of McConnell are going to be much help in stopping the overthrow of our government, although expect the harsh rhetoric from the right to continue like always, to make their base happy.  
It's really now up to us.  When I say "us" I don't mean the majority of America.  No, the majority of America is currently preoccupied and busy in their own world dealing with their own personal problems to even notice that their own problems just got a lot bigger. I'm talking about those that are awake and watching. Those who have seen what Obama has done to our Constitution, to our military, to our economy, to our allies, to our healthcare, to our borders, to the office of the Presidency the past six years and have been busy speaking out and trying to wake fellow Americans to the coup d'état currently underway.  If we really care about the nation our children and grandchildren will live in we must dig our boots in even deeper. We must push back like never before. We must not give up, lose heart of step back.

Wild Bill for America

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