Saturday Afternoon Matinee: Nazis: The-Occult-Conspiracy (1998) Full Length Documentary


The legacy of the Nazis is with us today. 
The British and US governments took over where the Nazis left off in their search for occult knowledge and technology. They have been corrupted by the same spirit. 
In Ezekiel God speaks about Israel having the spirit of idolatry which she was polluted by in Egypt in her youth. This spirit showed itself later when Israel lusted after the gods of Babylon and Assyria who in turn were used to destroy her. 
When America incorporated all the Nazi scientists into her own government during Operation Paperclip she replicated Israels actions and now lusts after the same occult knowledge. The aims of Western governments and scientists are the same as the Nazis to usher in a New Golden Age a Third Reich where technology turns man into a god. Its the same lie told over to man again and again and he falls for it every time. 
Hitler wanted to create a super race of semi-divine beings the West are now close to achieving his goal. 
The destruction of mankind is inevitable only God's intervention will stop it.