Hollywood Versus North Korea, Who's More Immoral?

Whatever happened to moral turpitude?

The chatter about the North Koreans hacking into Sony Pictures, wreaking havoc and forcing the media giant to drop their multimillion dollar film seems to be in full rage right now across America.

No doubt, many around the world are also discussing the situation.

I'm finding the whole thing rather interesting to be honest.  For decades now, Hollywood has made fortune after fortune by creating some of the vilest movies imaginable.  Anything they can imagine, they have put into the minds of millions here in America, and around the world and justify their actions, never admitting to what we all inherently know; that constant immorality and vileness put before the wrong people can create a monster. It can help to create a John Wayne Gacy, a Ted Bundy, or a Jeffrey Dahmer. 

Whenever questioned about questionable content, they don't hesitate to scream, "FREEDOM OF SPEECH"!!   In Hollywood, everything is permissible, because, well, it's "only a movie".  It's only "entertainment". To Hollywood, "entertainment" is amoral. There is nothing they won't show on film, if it has the potential to make money, the god so many worship.

And we in America have stopped questioning them. 

In fact, we reward them by paying money for their wickedness.  All I have to do is tune into my local Christian radio station to hear about what movies the dj's are going to see or have seen of late, so the church is right there too funding the vileness and insanity, both in film and television by the way.  

Suddenly we have ACT II.

Hackers in North Korea (or so we are told, and no doubt this is lead by North Korea's leadership) have burst onto and into the scene like in some Hollywood spy movie, pardon the pun and have objected in a very profound, and criminal way.  Apparently, they don't like the idea of their leader being made fun of, and then shown to have his head explode in a feature film that had been scheduled for world release. Who could have guessed?  The only commentary I have heard so far, and admittedly, I haven't listened or read everything, is about the criminal behavior of these hackers and nothing about the immorality of the film.  Hollywood moguls and stars it is believed, are only practicing their constitutional right to do whatever they feel like, no matter how immoral it is because, well, that is how entertainment works today.

If North Korea had the platform to make a major motion picture that showed Obama's head blown apart, I would not like it at all, American's would say something. We may not hack their studio, nor am I justifying their solution, but it would evoke some liberal ire and general outrage.   He may be the worst President in modern history, but he still is our worst President of modern history. (Sort of)

We are living in interesting times.  Say a negative word about Allah, and live in fear of your head being removed from your shoulders.  Show a movie about the North Korean leader being killed, have your studio hacked and threatened.  Use the name of Jesus Christ as a swear word, millions of times over, and the Church is not just silent, but all too often will pay to see it.

The threat to America is of course real when we are talking about cyber-attacks and cyber warfare. Whether those are against corporations, or our power grid, this is a serious threat to which we would be wise to fight against and in fact are doing.   But perhaps we should be equally wise to the runaway immorality that is coming out of Hollywood, that has already transformed a generation, and is equally a threat of immense proportions to the soul of America.

What do you think?

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