Lawmakers Approved Display of Satanic "Snaketivity" Scene in Michigan (Dec 23, 2014)

The war on Christmas has certainly stepped up this holiday season, rearing its ugly satanic head while America continues to be defiled by paganism and satanic rituals. 
We've had satanic displays this year at Florida's Capitol and also been allowed, via legislation to hand out their pro-satan propaganda in Florida's public schools.  Harvard University allowed a much advertised "black mass" on their grounds earlier in the year.  In Oklahoma, the Satanic Temple (apparently the same one behind Florida and Michigan efforts to promote Satanism, a group based out of New York) is working to erect a statue of baphomet, that children can sit on, on Oklahoma's state capitol.
This year, we've scene evidence that today's music industry is heavily influenced and directed by practicing satanists". 
We also know, and is it any wonder, that satanic ritual abuse (SRA) permeates America and that extreme demonic manifestations are on the rise worldwide?  Certainly, in America today, and around the world, Satanism is hidden in plain view. 

God has unequivocally warned:  
"Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." -Galatians 6:7
This world is now approaching the unthinkable number of 2 billion abortions performed.
Are we reaping what we have sown?  
This nation is embracing and even EXPORTING (through pornography) every depraved and degenerate sexual perversion you can think of. 
Are we reaping what we have sown?
Human secularism has pushed God out of the public square for decades.  Worse than just saying He doesn't exist, we claim that He does exist and then ignore Him in our daily lives or on a token Sunday we "fit him in". 
Are we reaping what we have sown?
Today in America we can see what we have reaped if we would only connect the dots.  There is rage on the city streets tonight and every night. Over the 4th of July weekend in Chicago, 67 people were shot and 11 killed.  On our streets tonight are a generation of youth that are lost and confused where one in three children live in a home with no father. On our streets are homeless men and women that have given up. There are entire families living under the streets throughout America.  Like Rachel's children, the weeping of America's children can't be quantified easily, but what can be known is that rising child abuse is now being called an "epidemic".  Suicide has now surpassed car accidents as a cause of death in America. 
One if 5 American's are now out of work and more and more of us are dependent not on God, but on almighty government. Drug addiction, crime, rampant disease and depression are business as usual today. 
I hope I have given you some context for the headlined story.


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