WWIII – Psalm 83 War – Update!


Hezbollah missiles can level Israel to ground: Iran general

“Although the United States’ first mission is to ensure the security of the Zionist regime [of Israel], today Hezbollah’s missiles can raze Israel to the ground,” said Brigadier General Esmail Qa’ani, the second-in-command of Quds Force, a branch of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC).

At the moment Israel is surrounded by enemies who pose an existential threat to her. Hezbollah in the North and HAMAS in the South.  Then there’s ISIL—The Islamic State of Syria, Iraq and the Levant—whose goal is to set up a caliphate, which for the most part is succeeding in Iraq.  The Levant includes Israel and of course Jerusalem.  The Moslem Brotherhoods, Imam, Highazi declared that Jerusalem would be capital of the United Arab States, essentially the Brotherhood’s version of ISIL’s Caliphate.  
It would appear that Jerusalem is the prize.
Then there’s Iran.  I have heard rumors from INTEL sources that Israel will attack Iran in the near future, as Israel can not allow the Iranians to get the bomb, period.
Take a good look at the map.  Israel is living in a very rough neighborhood.  She is now surrounded by those who want to literally wipe her off the map…. forever.
Israel has only one option at the moment and that is to launch a preemptive assault on three fronts.
The first would be to send ground troops in to Lebanon and free the people there who are under the thumb of Hezbollah.  Unlike the 2006 campaign the Israeli’s must cut the head of the snake, not just wound it.
Then there’s HAMAS who I am sure as I write this are digging more tunnels into Israel. The Israeli’s need to remove them from power.  They must deal with HAMAS and defeat them soundly so they can not rise again.
Then there’s Iran’s nuclear program.  Israel must attack and destroy Iran’s entire project.
If Hezbollah joins with HAMAS and Iran jumps into the fray and they combine their forces to attack Israel, this would certainly be WWIII.
Israel can no longer sit back and hope the likes of John Kerry can change anything.  Kerry, like his predecessors will not bring peace to the region and we see this when Israel gave back the Gaza, and as the Israeli’s were leaving the mortar fire began.  Land for peace does not work.
Psalm 83 war, was put forth by author Bill Salus.  Bills book is a best seller and is thoroughly researched.  I believe we are on the eve of seeing this happen.  
go to:  www.prophecydepot.com  (We also have a Bill Salus collection on our site – www.lamarzulli.net)
Then we have the rampages and brutal murder by ISIL.  Recently the Islamists decapitated four children who were Christians.
The Middle East continues to slide into chaos and most Americans are unaware of the impending global implications should ISIL gain control of Iraq’s oil, or should WWIII break out.
According to the article I linked to above, over 250,000 Christians have fled Northern Iraq.
In closing todays post:  
The Psalm 83 war may be looming and it certainly will have implications far greater to most Americans than those of the media evisceration of Bill Cosby’s alleged sexual peccadillo’s, which is a trial by the media and is nothing more than a distraction.  The hatred of Israel is reaching a fever pitch.  I don’t believe there is a solution, as the radical groups mentioned above have written in their charters to destroy Israel.  As I have mentioned here many times, there is a supernatural component to what we are seeing and it jibes with the Biblical narrative, specifically the prophetic one.  In short: What was written will come to pass.  What was foretold will unfold.  


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