New Robot Has Arrived: Would You Allow It In Your Home?

In the name of convenience, we log into our favorite app or social media site, effectively giving Big Business all of our information, who in turn have given it over to your government. In the name of convenience we surrender our 4th amendment rights and we eradicate a mothers fear of having to be inconvenienced by a child, there is little our society will do if it means more "convenience".
"She" will come right into your home and "help" you in so many ways. She will monitor your heartbeat while you sleep, remind you of your daily calendar and even take family pictures.This latest scheme of man will monitor your every move, using face recognition technology, and always online, no one that comes into your home will be out of sight from "her", or better said, 'Big Brothers' watchful eye. And all in the name of convenience.   -W.E.

Josh Tolley

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