Mind Programming and The Commercial Trance State


This post is a bit different than those of the past since the focus is on Media, which is a new category, Because the Luciferian agenda is becoming so blatant in television and movies, in awards shows and sporting events, and even in advertising, what follows are videos which focus on something seemingly as trivial as commercials.

Watching these videos back-to-back will give you a good sense of just how dark the world has become, and how far along we are on the road to the 666 Beast system. Just watching tv and seeing ads appear as interruptions to a favorite program, one doesn’t get the full impact like you’ll get here seeing them analyzed one after another.
The other thing that becomes obvious when watching them en masse is that certain themes and symbols repeat over and over. Once you’re aware of them, you’ll begin to spot them everywhere, in everything from commercials to music videos to films. And once you’re aware and understand why they repeat endlessly, you’ll know the real message that they’re conveying and at that point, you’ll break their power over you.
Watching these videos it becomes obvious that the agenda is to undermine any consciousness of Christ. The 666 Beast system cannot be put fully in place until Christian influence in every society is destroyed, and the population is under enough control to accept it. To those directing this move, Christ is the enemy to overcome because only Jesus is God in the flesh and thus, He’s the only one to threaten their evil agenda. The truth of this becomes obvious when watching these, because much of the symbolism and imagery either correlates with Scripture or is a reverse of that found in the Bible.
Matthew 12:30  He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.
Because the focus of this post is on television advertising, there are far less article synopses than usual. Instead there are a number of short videos which examine recent commercials for you to view. You’ll find that many of these commercials don’t even focus on a product; they seem to be nothing more than tools to indoctrinate subconsciously or subliminally. They are one of the means being used  for programming and mind control, so that the evil of the 666 Beast system becomes normal and accepted. Or they are rituals conducted through symbols right out in the open.
Most people participate in these rituals by watching them without understanding, because they have no idea what they’re really seeing. Scripture admonishes us to learn about these things because we’re involved in a war – one fought against powerful entities that reside in another dimension but which exert a strong influence on this one.
Ephesians 6:12  For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
That war is getting more desperate each day. If we fail to do all we can to be lights in this darkness, and through the power of Christ, to counteract the forces assaulting humanity in this age, we will have failed in our greatest responsibility. But first we have to recognize that a war exists all around us. As we noted in out last post, “Are We Really in the Matrix?” it’s becoming increasingly apparent that we’re in a digital simulation, a test, but one in which the outcomes of our actions have very real consequences eternally.
We begin with an article which questions whether our nation’s population has been put into a trance state by the programming which has been utilized to indoctrinate us. Unfortunately, with much of the population, they’ve been successful. Christians need to be awake, aware, and to stand against the agenda the Luciferians are promoting more blatantly each day. One of the best ways to begin is by unplugging the television.
Matthew 10:16  Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

God’s Final Warning

This is an excellent article that goes into depth about what has happened to the American population and the nation’s culture – a planned destruction which has been implemented over decades. We’d strongly urge you to read the full article, since this short synopsis can’t begin to convey the full message or have the same impact.
“America is in the greatest crisis in the history of our nation and the mass population has lost its ability to intellectually process the obvious…[T]he most disturbing trend of all is that countless millions of people appear to be increasingly disconnected from reality and act more like robots than real people.
Very few now have the ability to take a few steps back and process what is really going on. What is it that has happened to the American people that has turned them into a nation of robots? Once upon a time in America, and not that long ago, America was a nation of heroes, visionaries, risk takers….
The American people have literally been under siege in a “shock and awe campaign” in a spiritual battle. Our films, music, and television constantly push the envelope, presenting images, music, and video that act synergistically as a kind of all-out assault on the realities that once held our nation, families, and personal lives together…[Y]ou can no longer see reality for what it is because you are no longer living in the real world; you are in a trance state.
How do you stop living like a programmed robot and become a real person again?…First, you need to come to the place where you admit that you are no longer free and stop believing in lies…[Y]ou have to make the decision that you are going to get up, walk towards the door, open it, and walk through it into total freedom! At this point many people become paralyzed by fear due to their conditioning…You have to resist that temptation…it is that fear that keeps most people in their trance state. [A]s you open that door, you will see the most dazzling light you have ever seen. This is the light of the truth and you recognize that on every level it has set you free and if you allow it to, this light will heal you and set you back in your right mind.”


All of the videos in this post are done by a young English man with the YouTube channel, Round SaturnsEye. He has picked up the gauntlet in analyzing  commercials like the ones featured in this post, and there are so many of them appearing that he has been making several videos each week. While there are others exposing the agenda and symbolism in commercials, he is the best and most consistent that we’ve found. Although that doesn’t constitute an endorsement of everything he says, it does mean that overall, his work is exceptional in exposing the programming that’s going on in the culture, and the strength of his faith shines through strongly – something rare, but needed in these times. He also stays focused on the topic without lapsing into lengthy personal messages or tangents which might be questionable.
“FDA Commercial” Mark of the Beast illuminati Nephilim (R$E)  This video also includes another short commercial at the very end by Adidas, without comment. That’s unnecessary since it’s obvious just from the 30 seconds of images that darkness has become powerful. But the main commercial analyzed is is an almost unbelievable one, produced by the FDA no less, ostensibly to deter kids from smoking. Yet smoking is nothing compared to the darkness that this commercial portrays.
Our culture is truly being overcome by demonic images of every type, so that soon no one even will raise an eyebrow. And that’s the point, to make the demonic seem familiar and nothing to get upset about. This commercial makes it evident how far along that path we’ve already come.
Next is a commercial, ostensibly for Dom Perignon champagne, but the symbolism in it overwhelms any contemplation of a beverage. It’s clear that this commercial isn’t really about how fine their champagne tastes.
This next video concerns a commercial which features the English magician, Dynamo. The commercial itself runs in three parts, but he covers all of them in this single video.
The next video covers more than one commercial, with the first focused on Lucifer’s counterfeit system through use of the cube, the machine and the ‘return to Eden’ in the golden age of Lucifer. The second covers the idea of being trapped in the Matrix, the womb. The third covers the barren land where the fallen dwell. That is followed by one which provides an excellent example of the belly of the beast and portrays hell as a dark party with an overt rejection of Christ. The final one is focused on ‘becoming as gods.’
This video begins with a commercial for Renault. If you watch many of these, you’ll find that almost always the car is white. A major theme is the false depiction of the battle of light against dark, good against evil. But it’s deceptive because while the evil they show being defeated is Satan, the good that triumphs is merely Satan in other guise, as Lucifer, the light-bearer. They’re leading the world to accept a false savior, and all of the commercials covered in this video portray the false narrative. They’re rituals designed to bring that narrative into reality.
This final entry is in two parts because it is so complex. It is a new commercial for Cartiers’ jewelry which is based on Revelation 13, as seen from the occult perspective. That chapter is the one in which humanity celebrates the coming of the Antichrist. This should give everyone pause, because they’re so blatantly announcing their intentions and expectantly showing what is on the horizon. Are they really attempting to sell jewelry in this commercial? Not that we can see. What they’re selling is something else – a world waiting for its Luciferian savior.
Part 2 of the Cartier commercial is filled with occultist symbolism. It’s hard to imagine that this is a commercial for anything except the Luciferian agenda since it certainly doesn’t follow the typical pattern of commercials of the past, where the goal was to sell products. Even these few commercials should be enough to convince anyone of the agenda that’s being pushed, and of the attempt to indoctrinate viewers with a pagan worldview, But this is merely the tip of the iceberg, as future posts will demonstrate.

The Mind

Editing the brain: How new epigenetic tools could rewrite our understanding of memory and more  While this sounds like so much scientific jargon, what they’re really touting is their ability to control, remove or create memories using the new CRISPR technology. We’ve discussed this technology in more depth in recent Image of the Beast posts, but what CRISPR does is use programmable DNA to precisely target specific areas and make changes not possible before. Whether it’s micro-surgery with nothing more than a shot or editing a genetic pattern, CRISPR has opened a new world of possibilities, both good and very bad, depending on who is using it and for what purpose.
“Epigenetic changes are implicated in a host of neural conditions, from Alzheimer’s-related memory loss to depression. Now, a revolutionary set of molecular editing tools is allowing scientists to alter the epigenome like never before.
Researchers are already using the tools to gain a deeper understanding of epigenetic mechanisms in health and disease. They can also contemplate experiments that sound like science fiction, such as creating — and deleting — memories. And discoveries made using these tools could pave the way to a “new era of epigenetic therapeutics”…The epigenetic drugs of the future could reverse aging-related memory impairments and inherited disorders, extinguish the traumatic thoughts of post-traumatic stress disorder, and boost cognitive function.
Epigenetic editing strategies typically utilize CRISPR (clustered, regularly interspaced, short, palindromic repeats) or TALE (transcription activator-like effector) systems. Both systems are derived from bacteria and can be programmed to home in on specific genes, carrying an epigenome-modifying enzyme as cargo. TALEs, a slightly older system, require the scientist to create a customized protein to act as the homing device. CRISPRs, which use a more easily generated RNA sequence as a guide (see this graphic from The Scientist magazine), are quickly becoming the tool of choice.”
fight or flight classic How the brain recognizes danger: New discovery  Scientists have found the protein responsible for our ‘fight or flight’ response and are able to turn it off with genetic alteration. The implications for use of this technique in mind control are obvious.
“Our existence depends on a bit of evolutionary genius aptly nicknamed “fight or flight.” But where in our brain does the alarm first go off, and what other parts of the brain are mobilized to express fear and remember to avoid danger in the future? New research sheds some light on this question.
Through a series of experiments that suppressed communications coming from these neurons, they found that the pPVT plays an important role in conditioning the mice to fear certain situations and to remember those fears. They also demonstrated that this knowledge was “hard wired” into the neuronal synapses.
The researchers hypothesized that the messenger might be brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a protein known to regulate synaptic functions. To test this hypothesis, the researchers created mice without the gene to produce BDNF or without a BDNF receptor. Both kinds of mice exhibited an impaired ability to recognize danger, even after being conditioned to do so.”
The real-life Matrix: MIT researchers reveal interface that can allow a computer to plug into the brain
“It has been the holy grail of science fiction – an interface that allows us to plug our brain into a computer. Now, researchers at MIT have revealed new fibres less than a width of a hair that could make it a reality.
By producing complex fibers that could be less than the width of a hair, they have created a system that could deliver optical signals and drugs directly into the brain, along with simultaneous electrical readout to continuously monitor the effects of the various inputs.
To do that, her team made use of novel fiber-fabrication technology pioneered by MIT professor of materials science Yoel Fink and his team, for use in photonics and other applications. The result, Anikeeva explains, is the fabrication of polymer fibers ‘that are soft and flexible and look more like natural nerves.’  Devices currently used for neural recording and stimulation, she says, are made of metals, semiconductors, and glass, and can damage nearby tissues during ordinary movement.”


It’s apparent that we’re being manipulated, at times subtly, and at other times overtly to accept a drastic change in our world. And with much of the population in a trance state, they’re boldly designing commercials and other media so that the population participates in what are becoming performances of occult rituals. The symbolism is becoming less hidden and the agenda is being openly pushed. Our world is influenced and controlled by spiritual entities; mass acceptance of and participation in these dark rituals gives those forces greater power. It’s why society is becoming sicker each day. The only way to hold off this transformation for a time is for the Church to recognize the war and to rise up in the power of Christ, repenting for a nation turning to wickedness and humbling itself on behalf of that nation before God.
God has warned in the Bible where this world system is heading. The 666 Surveillance System is now on the fast track. There is no stopping it. Are you going to be with Jesus Christ and eternal life, or are you going to take the “666 Mark” and be eternally damned? The stakes could not be higher: eternal life or eternal loss, separation from God and from all He is: light, love, beauty, goodness, fellowship. In other words, loss is the state referred to as damnation. The Bible is clear that it is all this and more; it is eternal punishment for the crimes we have committed on this earth. Now is the time to repent of sin and trust Jesus Christ as your Savior.
Make sure that you use The 666 Surveillance System brochure as it is a great witnessing tool. I also offer the Prophecy Packet which includes that 666 brochure. If you would like a copy, please email Dave at: daystarwindows@optonline.net and ask for the packet along with giving your name and mailing address. Now is the time to use prophetic information to share the gospel.
The following verses state what the Bible says happens to all who reject salvation through Jesus Christ, and receive the “Mark of the Beast”:
Revelation 14:9-11 And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,
 The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:
 And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.