Satan Worship at the Grammy's (2015)

"And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you."  -Matthew 24:4

Everywhere we look, there is great deception going on.  Whether it be in the area of politics (agenda 21, wars, false flags, radical Islam and who is behind it), education (common core), climate change (and a myriad of other U.N. programs), the gay agenda (and depopulation, including abortion), television programming (breaking down our God-given modesty to accept every form of wickedness and immorality), amnesty (breaking down borders and realigning nations and people groups), economics (world socialism through the destruction of national economies), make no mistake, music is another part of Satan's agenda.  This is spiritual wickedness, witnessed by hundreds of millions, live and in high definition.    
Today's American music industry, seems to walk eerily in lockstep like the whore of Babylon,  continuing to suck in and evangelize America's (and much of the worlds) youth with demonic deception for these last days. 
These two good videos help expose Beyonce' and Madonna's performances at this years Grammy's.

Beyoncé Illuminati Grammy 2015 performance "Take my Hand Satan & Precious Lord Lucifer" EXPOSED

The Vigilant Christian

Good Fight Ministries