Should Republicans Authorize Obama's 'Force' Against ISIS?

"Imagine its a poker game, he's [Obama] playing a game of two person poker for very high stakes.  And basically he says, 'before we get down to business on the betting, I'd like you to know that if I have any diamonds or jacks or anything, I won't be playing those'.  ... its like the entire purpose of this kind of thing is to sow doubt into the mind of the enemy, is to sow a sense of uncertainty of what we will do, so rather than ruling out what we will do in terms of the most powerful weapons we have in terms of convincing these people that its better to negotiate than fight, rather than using the power of the threat rather than our actual lives of our soldiers, the first thing the President does is take the power of the deterrents off the table, just takes it off the table.  And therefore, what they [ISIS] are facing is 'you can challenge the U.S.A. and if you do young Jihadi, be prepared to face a very strongly worded letter from the Secretary of State.'"

 PJ Media