America's Demise and the King of Glory

For some time now, decades in fact, we have been witnesses of America's moral decay.

We have seen a culture of death take its ugly grip on America and preside over the murder of 50+ million unborn in this nation.
We have seen the God ordained institution of marriage being made a mockery of with same sex marriage now legal in several states, crushing the family, a building block of any nation, and trending towards becoming a national law.  

We have seen more than our share of sheer wretched and crooked politicians. 
We have seen our nation over the last 50 years become a nation adrift and awash in drugs, pornography and all forms of wickedness including cults, false religion and occult activity...all of which have now sadly become the norm in America.
Our young men and women are being sent into pointless wars and battles of which America is making little to no effort to even try to win, while our allies are now becoming treated as our enemies and our enemies are now becoming our allies. Our gutless and traitorous leaders, along with greedy corporations and others who seek to destroy this nation, are sending us down a road that seems more and more unlikely we will ever return to a God-fearing nation of laws and morality. 

A seemingly lost generation indeed.  

As personal and national sins become more and more profound, and the Savior has become more and more attacked, ridiculed and worst of all... ignored, things continue to go from bad to worse in America. 
Many of us in the church see the prophetic signs of scripture...Israel is miraculously back in her land after 2000 years, lawlessness is a theme of the day, wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes in diverse places, floods, famines, deception, men and women becoming lovers of pleasure and themselves rather than lovers of God, all forms of evil manifesting, the rise of Islam, signs in the heavens, etc. 
Many Christians, and sometimes yours truly as well, prays that this nation will repent as prescribed to the nation of Israel (not the church incidentally) in the oft quoted II Chronicles 7:14 verse in hopes that America will return to this nations roots as an imperfect, yet still godly and moral nation. 
We tend to believe (including me) that the Lord is removing His hand of protection from this nation because of our vast immorality and sin that reminds us more of the days of Noah, rather than of our godly heritage.
And while all this may be true, and while I believe the signs of Christ imminent return are coming more and more into focus, there is one thing we MUST NOT miss through all the sin and shame:

                                                          God's Glory

                                                        is being


Through all the sin, all the wickedness that is an affront to a Holy God, He is still patient with His creation. 

His patience, NOT to bring swift judgment, even as His Character is attacked and His children are attacked, reveals His Power (of His self imposed restraint), His profound Love (for sinners) and His Grace (to forgive all sin, seemingly no matter the quantity nor the degree in this dispensation of Grace).
He still sits on His throne in Glory and loves even the most unlovable by human standards!
Yes, Hallelujah, in this blasphemous and vile age, God is still, amazingly, through His Spirit and through His Church, calling sinners to Himself, and for His Glory!

This is truly Amazing Grace, and the Power and Majesty and Glory of His eternal patience and kindness should not be overlooked. Because as the darker this planet becomes, the brighter the Glory of God shines upon it, and through us of whom His Spirit dwells.

We must never forget that what was true at the time of the Cross, is still true over 2000 years ago:


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