Head Transplant Now a Reality (Video)


ITALY | Globally the top story right now - if you would believe it - In a move that would make Doctor Frankenstein proud - a renowned Italian doctor now says he can transplant a human head. In an effort to cheat death his goal is to bring immortality to mankind... Or maybe just the super rich as the procedure will cost upwards of $11,000,000.

The first step is to cool down and detach the head similar to when brain surgery is performed - then place it on the donor body. by reattaching the blood vessels - The transplant would take an hour and the full procedure will would last 24 hours. Then the patient would be placed in a coma for 3 weeks. 
Surgeon Sergio Canavero has been barred from performing the surgery in most every part of the world so he intends to go to china to perform the operation.
And, get this, he has a willing donor already - his name is Valery Spiridonov continue

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