Smart Policing Coming to Dubai With Robo-Cops

Shaikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, shakes hands with a robot after inaugurating the Gitex Technology Week at Dubai World Trade Centre- Source

These "robocops" have already been patrolling Silicon Valley, so what Dubai is doing, is just the beginning of what we will be conditioned to accept in the NWO. Although, I am not sure every police department will be like Dubai's and get Lamborghini's to drive...-W.E.


In the next two years robots will be used to bolster police forces patrolling malls and other public areas.
Dubai Police will be turning into “robo-cops” in the next few years. According to the Chief Information Officer and General Director of the Dubai Police HQ Smart Services Department, the move — that is part of the lead up to Expo 2020 — is aimed at helping the police deal with an ever-increasing populace.
Colonel Khalid Nasser Alrazooqi said that in the next two years robots will be used to bolster police forces patrolling malls and other public areas.
“The robots will interact directly with people and tourists,” he said.  “They will include an interactive screen and microphone connected to the Dubai Police call centres. People will be able to ask questions and make complaints, but they will also have fun interacting with the robots.”
In four or five years, however, Alrazooqi said that Dubai Police will be able to field autonomous robots that require no input from human controllers.
“These will be fully intelligent robots that can interact with people, with no human intervention at all,” he said. “This is still under research and development, but we are planning on it.”
Alrazooqi said that the robots — part of Dubai’s Smart City Initiative — might provide a way of expanding police coverage to deal with the massive influx of people expected in Dubai for Expo 2020. “We are aiming to provide these kinds of services as the population is expanding,” he said. “This way we can provide better services without hiring more people.”
Alrazooqi was among the keynote speakers on the first day of the Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference that is being held in Dubai from April 26 to 28. It is the region’s only large-scale conference dedicated to cyber security threats and counter measures.

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