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Only a week ago we posted, “The 666 Police State: Whatever Happened to Protect and Serve?” During this week, two stories with major importance on the topic were in the headlines. Both show how far down the road to control by a 666 Beast government we have come, and how unlikely it is that we’ll recognize the nation in a few years.
The first discusses the billions of dollars worth of equipment that is being provided to local police departments.
In particular, a new laser weapon that can blind suspects (or anyone else) is being promoted at a trade show for local police. There has been excessive violence in the last few years with guns and tasers, but laser rays to take out eyesight? If anyone has questioned where we’re heading under federal program 1033 to arm local police departments with military weapons and to provide military training, this should clear up their confusion.

That article also discusses how local police are being trained with military troops, so that there is scarcely any differentiation between them. It alleges that, in effect, the Department of Homeland Security is running America’s police departments now, not local officials. That’s a frightening thought because we know where it will lead in only a few years. The constitutional expert quoted in the article sees a “highly trained occupation force” taking over. That’s exactly what we said in our earlier post. 

Also interesting is the use of the term, “occupation force” since a recent Federal Appeals Court ruling addressed the claim that this is exactly what the police have become, and that such conduct is prohibited by the Third Amendment,  which protects citizens against being forced to quarter troops in one’s home.  The second article and the following Washington Post commentary deal with this case, and it’s something everyone should know about, especially since 2001, the number of deaths attributed to local police (over 5,000) is close to the number of deaths for soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

There are only two stories (and one commentary link) here because this is an update, and because both are fairly lengthy, but critically important in proving exactly what we said in our earlier post. It’s all just happening faster than even we envisioned. But the fact that it is happening, while sad for this once-great, free nation, isn’t unexpected. Prophecy explicitly describes the government of the final days of this age, just before the return of Christ. It’s all unfolding right before our eyes, just as the Scriptures say it will. This coming police state will be an important part of the 666 Surveillance System, as it will be tied into all the high technology. There will be no hiding from this system.

Coming Police State

The Z-Ro Retinal Obfuscation weapon mounted to a handgun.
The Z-Ro Retinal Obfuscation weapon mounted to a handgun.

Blinded by laser-armed cops – scared yet?  Popular belief has been that local police have been purchasing outmoded military equipment using a limited amount of federal dollars. But that isn’t so. Most of the equipment is new on the market, and the billions of dollars being spent is coming from federal money, garnered through forfeiture laws allowing seizure of property that “may” have been used in the commission of a crime – except that often, no criminal charges even are filed. And the amount of money coming from this source reached $4.5 billion in 2012 alone. That provides a lot of equipment.

In addition, state and local police are being trained along with military troops at places like Quantico and as a result, they’re getting an us versus them mindset.

“New and more powerful weapons are flowing into local police departments daily, and still others are new to the marketplace. One weapon about to make its debut is the “Z-Ro Retinal Obfuscation” gun. When fired, the gun allows an officer to temporarily blind his targeted subject for up to 15 minutes.
John Whitehead, a constitutional lawyer, [is] founder of the Rutherford Institute and author of the new book, “Battlefield America: The War on the American People….”“I really don’t want some rogue law enforcement officer having the ability to blind me or anyone else, either temporarily or permanently,” he said. Exactly how the blinder works without damaging the eye remains a mystery. All the facts about it may never come to light. Whitehead said weapons companies often require cities and counties that purchase their products to sign non-disclosure forms keeping certain facts about the weapon secret.
The Urban Shield conference was mainly funded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, with dozens of corporate sponsors also chipping in thousands of dollars. The limits of what this money can buy is endless. Take the Rumsfeld Ray Gun, for instance, which is used for crowd control. It can heat the surface of targets, including human skin. Again, it is considered “non-lethal,” just like Tasers and flash-bang grenades, which have killed and wounded hundreds of people.
“Yeah, I’d say the policemen over the next 10 to 15 years will be armed in such a way you won’t recognize them,” even by today’s militaristic police standards, Whitehead said. “It’s the Founding Fathers’ concept of the standing army being used against us.”  “It’s different now. They see us as suspects or enemy combatants, or, the new term they like to use is ‘civilians,’” Whitehead said. What type of society the U.S. will end up with is up for debate. Whitehead sees a “highly trained occupation force” taking over.
“ The DHS basically runs the country now in cooperation with the FBI and NSA.”

SWAT members approach a home during the search for suspects of the Boston Marathon bombings.
SWAT members approach a home during the search for suspects of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Judge opens door for cops to storm your home This is a landmark case because it opens the door to allow local police and SWAT teams to enter your home over your objections, (such as in this case, by breaking down the door, then pepper-spraying the inhabitants and their dog) to set up headquarters there (again, in this case, for 9 hours) in order to gain a tactical advantage for a raid on a neighboring house with a domestic dispute. The homeowner was arrested at the conclusion of the siege and released the next day.

With the militarization of police that’s occurring so rapidly, if this isn’t what the Third Amendment is supposed to protect against, then I don’t know what it’s there for.

“The Third Amendment, which guards against the quartering of soldiers in citizens’ homes – and which came into being because of the abuse of British troops against American patriots – has just been dinged by a judge who ruled the provision doesn’t apply to police.
 In essence, that means police on official business could claim the legal right to bust into a private citizen’s home and occupy it. The determination from federal district court Judge Andrew Gordon was rendered when he dismissed a Third Amendment claim from a Henderson, Nevada, family who suffered that very fate.
Mitchell and his parents turned around and sued, alleging their Third and Fourth Amendment rights had been violated – the Third, because the police were acting like members of the military. The case was closely watched by legal minds, given the unusual nature of the Third Amendment alleged violation. But Gordon dismissed that claim in a court action that fell largely under the nation’s radar.
As Ilya Somin, professor of law at George Mason University, opined, however: The judge’s dismissal should be regarded with wary eyes. One “complicating factor,” he said, in the Washington Post, “is the increasing militarization of police forces in many parts of the country, which has resulted in cops using weapons and tactics normally associated with military forces. If a state or local government decides to quarter a SWAT team in a private home, it is not clear whether that is meaningfully different from placing a National Guard unit there.”
“Whenever this kind of armament is brought into a community, it should only be done with the knowledge and consent of the citizenry,” John Whitehead, a constitutional attorney based in Charlottesville, Virginia, said….”
Federal court rejects Third Amendment claim against police officers  This commentary in the Washington Post gave both the reasoning of the judge in the case noted above, and their take on his decision:

“The relevant questions are thus whether municipal police should be considered soldiers, and whether the time they spent in the house could be considered quartering. To both questions, the answer must be no.
I hold that a municipal police officer is not a soldier for purposes of the Third Amendment. This squares with the purpose of the Third Amendment because this was not a military intrusion into a private home, and thus the intrusion is more effectively protected by the Fourth Amendment. Because I hold that municipal officers are not soldiers for the purposes of this question, I need not reach the question of whether the occupation at issue in this case constitutes quartering, though I suspect it would not.
This reasoning is very plausible and quite possibly correct. But it may too readily conclude that “municipal police” can never be considered soldiers for purposes of the Amendment. When the Amendment was enacted in 1791, there were virtually no professional police of the sort we have today. The distinction between military and law enforcement officials was far less clear than in the world of 2015.
 Judge Gordon…is too quick to conclude that no “municipal police officer” could ever qualify as such.”

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