Baiting Muslims? (Video)

Ever watch news stories where Police advertise as young girls looking to meet older men...and when an older man shows up...with intentions of seducing young girls...sometimes as young as 12 years old...they are immediately arrested and often exposed on television crime channels?  Were they baiting the pedophiles, or taking them off the street before they hurt a young child?  
The event in Garland was not "Muslim baiting" as has been widely publicized. In reality, it turned into nothing less than a sting operation, bringing murderers to the forefront. 

I choose not to publish Muhammad depictions in cartoons, simply because it is poor taste to do so.  On the other hand, I support the right of any American to create art, whether it is in poor taste or not, as they see fit,...and not have to worry whether they will be murdered for for doing so. 

h/t Nena S.
Wild Bill for America

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