Obama Asks China to Investigate its Own Cyber Attacks on America

Now ain't this a dandy idea? Fits right in line with having Clinton's State Department investigate Benghazi. And now that Obama has solved (or created) all the supposed racial inequalities in America, along with the race baiter, um, I mean healer,  Reverend Sharpton, maybe we can ask Lois Lerner to investigate why the IRS has targeted conservatives and then have Eric Holder investigate Fast and Furious?  -W.E.


Maybe once that’s done, Al Qaeda can investigate September 11. But only the ‘moderate’ parts of Al Qaeda. We wouldn’t want the extremists involved.
The United States has asked Beijing to investigate reports that China interfered with Internet content hosted outside the country and used it to attack U.S. websites, the State Department said on Friday. 
“We are concerned by reports that China has used a new cyber capability to interfere with the ability of worldwide Internet users to access content hosted outside of China,” State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke said.
“The cyber attack manipulated international web traffic intended for one of China’s biggest web services companies and turned it into malicious traffic directed at U.S. sites,” Rathke told a news briefing. He said the United States has asked Chinese authorities to investigate the cyber attack and advise Washington of the results.
China’s “Great Cannon” is a distinct cyber attack tool that hijacks traffic to or from individual IP addresses and allows China to target “any foreign computer that communicates with any China-based website,” according to an analysis from information technology research group Citizen Lab of Toronto.
Obama would like China to investigate reports that China is targeting US sites that helps Chinese netizens bypass censorship. I’m sure China will get right on that once all commissars stop laughing.
Also can we ask China to investigate reports of tanks running over Democracy protesters?
And maybe they can clear up which foreign enemy power appointed this idiot to run our country? If it wasn’t them, maybe they can clear up who did it.

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