Obama: I’ve Restored the US as the ‘Most Respected Country in the World’

Does he actually believe the things that come from his own lips, or is this psycho babble to help him soothe his conscience? I don't know, but my guess is the former.
Besides just being theater of the absurd and political speak, this is fodder for the masses who WILL sadly, in large part, consume this poppycock unfiltered by the inconvenient truth as they always do giving no thought and having no understanding of the reality of the hell unleashed upon America by this fraudulent President along with the many willing accomplices to his crimes. Crimes perpetrated on the Constitution and We the People.


Monday while President Barack Obama was answering questions at a town hall with YSEALI Fellows, an exchange program for community leaders from ASEAN, The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, he said his administration has restored the Untied States as the “the most respected country on earth.”
Obama said, “People don’t remember, but when I came into office, the Untied States in world opinion ranked below China and just barley above Russia, and today once again, the Untied States is the most respected country on earth. Part of that I think is because of the work we did to reengage the world and say we want to work with you as partners with mutual interests and mutual respect. It was on that basis we were able to end two wars while still focusing on the very real threat of terrorism and try to work with our partners in Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s the reason why we are moving in the direction to normalize relations with Cuba and the nuclear deal that we are trying to negotiate with Iran.”

The Daily Caller

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