Obama Administration to Begin Redistributing Housing

This also sounds a whole lot like aspect of Agenda 21. 


The Obama Administration is making a move to put poor people into neighborhoods they could never afford without government help. 
The Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Final Rule issued by HUD in a press release is made possible by the Supreme Court's recent ruling in Texas Housing v. Inclusive Communities.
In that ruling, a divided court said that federal housing law can be used to challenge zoning laws, lending regulations and other laws that could affect minorities.
The Administration is taking that ruling and running with it.

The ruling allows the federal government to unleash the power of discrimination lawsuits when redevelopment would drive the rent up in refurbished neighborhoods, and don't be the least bit surprised when HUD discovers the power to erect tacky low-rent housing in existing higher-priced neighborhoods.
As usual, the "shield words" for this little bit of government tyranny are going to be "equality" and "diversity."
HUD Secretary Julian Castro said, "Unfortunately, too many Americans find their dreams limited by where they come from, and a ZIP code should never determine a child’s future. This important step will give local leaders the tools they need to provide all Americans with access to safe, affordable housing in communities that are rich with opportunity."
Or, it could bring welfare dependency and crime to a family neighborhood near you. ... 
The Washington Post explained, "The new rules, a top demand of civil-rights groups, will require cities and towns all over the country to scrutinize their housing patterns for racial bias and to publicly report, every three to five years, the results. Communities will also have to set goals, which will be tracked over time, for how they will further reduce segregation."
So now we have government-forced integration of neighborhoods coming to communities across the country. As this will take place over the course of years, it will just be another couple of clicks on the rhetorical stove. That frog in the pot of water will never notice the difference.
In the history of statism, this is a classic maneuver. You start out by "integrating" your party's supporters -- the self-aware and useful idiots alike -- into neighborhoods where your support is less strong.
Then, once the party feels secure enough, there will be knocks at the doors of well-off families and smiling bureaucrats with official-looking documents explaining how the families' homes have been deemed too large and must be shared with other families, and possibly a party commissar.
The end result will be government control of formerly private property, with the added bonus of control over people's social mobility, employment, personal activities and even weekend travel plans.
The Supreme Court decision that led to the new rule was another 5-4 vote, with Justice Anthony Kennedy writing again for the majority. Kennedy wrote of the "unconscious prejudice" that exists in many neighborhoods which must be cured by the government.
If it's "unconscious," then apparently Kennedy has some sort of psychic ability with which to detect it, else how would he know? It's not like he's just making something up, right?
Thank goodness we live in an age where our glorious leaders use their metahuman abilities to protect us from ourselves. At last, the long-awaited supermen are in charge, with their superior knowledge and wisdom. Doesn't knowing that make you feel safer?

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