Something Very Fishy Is Going On! Signs of the Times (Latest Events Oct 12-16 2015)

We truly are living in a matrix. 
Almost seven years ago, Barack Hussein Obama, a virtual unknown Junior Senator best known for voting "present" then for any legislation he was a part of, became President of the United States of America.  It's not the best starting point in the story for the demise of America, but it surely is a high point in what could be the closing chapters of the book on American History.   There isn't much debating the facts, at least to those paying attention, that he came to office illegally,  that he is a Muslim, that he is a Manchurian candidate and a man with a vicious anti-American agenda.  Now, in the closing months of his administration, (if in fact he ever leaves, which is dubious at best) more and more of his true Islamic colors are showing as under his "leadership" America has become the friend of terrorism, a very heavy sponsor of terrorism, all the while pretending we are fighting a war against terror. What perfect cover.   
May heaven forgive us. May heaven help blind eyes to see the matrix. 


Endtime 777

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