Happy Halloween From the Forces of Darkness

"We have one in three women in America have an abortion by the age of 45. Now it comes out, it's been forty plus years since it's been legalized by Roe v. Wade, just in the last few years we found out, major studies, I am talking about studies that deal with close to a million women that women are twice as likely to become mentally ill. Diagnosed as mentally ill professionally after having an abortion." 

"Psychological professionals are saying that colleges are teaching kids to 'think pathologically'."

"It's a war for the mind.  It's a war for the soul."  

"Essentially it is a marxist totalitarian technique of mind control" 


The author of the Snapping of the American Mind explains the dark forces in American culture that are driving people crazy: drugs, abortion, cultural Marxism, and Obama.
David Kupelian discusses the presidential campaign on the Democratic side, the communist maniac versus the shapeshifter, and on the Republican side. David discusses the political implications of this struggle and how candidates like Ben Carson and Donald Trump are tapping into the politically incorrect way of thinking and talking, in part by going after liberal media bias. Kupelian also recommends ways out of the mess we find ourselves in. “We need to embrace our faith, our common sense. We have been so beaten down…(But) half of us are still sane.”

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