ISIS Just Released Chilling New Video Taunting America And Mocking US Soldiers In SICK Way

ISIS created propaganda picture - Source

"Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong." - 1 Corinthians 16:13

"But and if ye suffer for righteousness’ sake, happy are ye: and be not afraid of their terror, neither be troubled; But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts"  - 1 Peter 3:14 

ISIS and radical Islam are at war with the United States and all those who are not Muslim.  
Aside from being murderers and rapists that follow a false god whose theology is nothing short of a demon inspired doctrine, they are also expert liars. They have taken their western educations and perfected propaganda in order to do what they do; instill fear upon non-Muslims and in this case, the United States. 

In Sun Tzu's classic work that is studied to this very day by military strategists, the Chinese General has famously stated: "All warfare is based on deception", and deceiving certainly is what they are doing in this 4-minute piece (below) full of half truths and outright lies.  
If American leadership and the west will ever stop being politically correct Islamic sympathizers who actually have the will to win this war, the advances and strongholds of terrorism, including ISIS would be over in a month.  If truth were allowed to reign in the media and education centers, rather than the watered down dribble that somehow passes for journalism or college level class work in this nation, real arguments would oppose and destroy their ideology at its foundation to such a degree in five years that finding new recruits would be few and far between. To again quote Sun Tzu, "What is essential in war is victory, not prolonged operations".   
Of course defeating the radicals would would mean we stop buying oil from states like Saudi Arabia that sponsor Islam. This would mean we stop bowing to their leaders, stop running arms and financing al Qaeda and ISIS as we did at Benghazi. It would mean we don't let Islamic nations like Iran get nuclear weapons, or give them billions and billions of dollars to wage further war against us.  It would mean we stop warning them before we bomb them. It would mean we don't allow mosques in this nation to preach anti-Americanism.  It would mean we don't allow sharia courts in America.  It would mean we deport or arrest and prosecute Muslim Brotherhood members in this nation, not appoint them to high offices within America.
And it would mean we don't allow un-vetted Syrian refugees to enter this nation while this war is going on.
Of course, the plan of the elite and their emerging new world order is to cause or manufacture the problem, so they can ultimately saddle the world with their solution. -W.E. 

"Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord." -Psalm 31:24

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”  
-Psalm 23:4

NOTE: The video below does work, but seems to work best by clicking the small play button at the bottom left hand side of the video.

ISIS has released a new propaganda video that mocks the United States, and even tells the U.S. to “bring it on.”  Most disturbingly, ISIS mocks the 18 U.S. soldiers who commit suicide every day. 
In the video, ISIS shows a disturbed solider with Prozac pills in his hand. It then shows splotches of blood from a soldier who has committed suicide.
Meanwhile, the narrator claims that the soldiers are committing suicide because of the fear that ISIS brings in their hearts.
The narrator also boasts that ISIS territory is “already greater than Britain, eight times the size of Belgium, and thirty times the size of Qatar.”
He says that the U.S. is built on “manmade laws,” and that the U.S. uses soldiers to fight for “the interests of legislators, liars, fornicators, corporations, and for the freedom of sodomites,” while showing pictures of Barack Obama, John Kerry, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton.
The narrator says that America claims to “have the greatest army history has ever known,” but then adds: “You may have the numbers and weapons, but your soldiers lack the will and resolve, still scarred from their defeats in Afghanistan and Iraq.”
He contends that “we continue to haunt the minds of your soldiers and sew fear into their hearts, with 18 of your soldiers committing suicide each day, before you’ve even advanced.”
The narrator says America’s $6 trillion price tag in the “war on Muslims” has made them “too weak to put boots on the ground.”
The video concludes with an Islamic prophecy. After noting that there is a “global coalition against the Islamic State,” the narrator says: “Bring it on! All of you. Your numbers only increase us in faith, and we’re counting your banners, which our prophet said would reach 80 in number and then the flames of war will finally burn you on the hills of death. Bring it on!…our ally is Allah.”