Your Handy, Dandy Trump vs. Cruz Comparison Chart

I haven't made up my mind who I will vote for.  I haven't made up my mind if I will vote for a Presidential candidate at all for the first time since I was 18 because the longer I have researched, the deeper I have come to see that President's are selected and not elected. This nation, like this world, has become just that corrupt.

In my mind I have narrowed the field between Trump and Cruz if for no other reason than as an exercise in futility.   

I agree to with Franklin Graham, that Christians should vote for for those that support biblical principles.

Cruz won't beat Hillary, because Christians don't turn out to vote in large enough numbers. In post modern America, don't count on secular America to vote for an outspoken Christian.  
Donald Trump is the GOP front-runner, and if the polls are to be trusted it looks to stay that way, so it is almost a mute point. 

But can he really be trusted to support biblical principles? (See chart below)

Hillary Clinton is as guilty of felonies as the day is long. And that is just looking at the email scandal alone.   Yet, she still hasn't been indicted.  That is telling in and of itself of the degree of corruption inside America.  Then again, Obama and all his lawlessness was never impeached, even more telling.  And an indictment on the Congress, including the GOP lead House and Senate.

Meanwhile, America is being conditioned to accept, with hardly a harsh word, an open Socialist as a Presidential candidate.  Of course, this is really who Democrats are.  Hillary has voted in agreement with Sanders 93% of the time, so says the liberal NY Times.

Not to be a negative nanny, but the NWO will keep marching along no matter who is in office, and many of my friends, brothers and sisters in Christ and fellow conservatives will keep putting their hope in a particular candidate that will "make America great again", not remembering that any greatness we ever had came from above. (James 1:17)

Because we don't understand the signs of the times. (Matt. 16:1-3)

Not unlike how ancient Israel clamored for a king, because the nations surrounding them had a king, when the whole time their sufficiency as a nation should have come from the God who rescued them from the hands of the Egyptians. (1 Sam. 8:5-8)

America's one true hope, isn't in a political leader, though we clamor for one. At least not one from this earth. (But rest assured, the government will be on His shoulders)

And Satan is all to happy to oblige us. So buckle your seat belts, it is going to be a wicked ride.

The only hope for mankind is a spiritual, not a political solution.  This hope is however embodied in a Person:

 "Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the commandment of God our Saviour, and LORD Jesus Christ, which is our hope." -(1 Timothy 1:1)

- W.E. 


Presented without comment for your consideration.
Simply click each policy or issue to read the back-story.

Policy or Issue Trump Cruz
In 2013, supported Amnesty for all 20 million illegal aliens in the U.S. Yes No
In 2000, supported an Assault Weapons Ban Yes No
In 2015, supported “touchback” Amnesty for every illegal alien in the U.S. Yes No
In 2000, supported Partial-Birth Abortion Yes No
In 2015, lied to gun media about his past support for an Assault Weapons Ban Yes No
Supports seizure of private property by the government using Eminent Domain (Kelo) Yes No
Supports Mitch McConnell’s habitual lies to constituents and fellow GOP Senators Yes No
Currently courting and being courted by GOP establishment Yes No
Currently supports crony capitalism: billions in taxpayer ethanol subsidies Yes No
In 2000, supported Extended Waiting Periods to Acquire Firearms Yes No
Amount of debt owed to bankers Many billions $1 million
Amount donated to the bogus Clinton “Foundation” $100,000 0
Endorsed by GOPe icon Bob Dole, who thought Ronald Reagan was “too fringe” Yes No
Number of bankruptcies declared by firms he led 4 0
Amount of debt defaulted on $4.7 billion $0.00
Number of times married 3 1
Number of “birther” conspiracy theories circulated 2 0
Praised/endorsed Communist for Mayor of New York Yes No
Spends virtually every waking moment on social media Yes No
Appears to shift his position on important issues literally overnight ? No
A guy so stable, sober and poised that you want his finger on the button ? Yep
As I’ve said repeatedly:
I would vote for Donald Trump over the Democrat nominee in the event he is the GOP candidate. Because I would vote for a Sesame Street character over the Democrat. But remember: you will get what you pay for.

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