Shadow Government: Expert Says Exchange Globalization Fund Controls World

"Control of the U.S. treasury is basically control of the world, that's what it really amounts to and that's how powerful that entity is.  That entity, the ESF has the ability to destroy currencies, to destroy countries, and it does engage in everything from regime change, murder for hire, arms running, because it operates above all laws".  

"That's where your black budget is being spent and being managed from. And it can do so with impunity because it does not answer to any laws and everything it does is in the name of National Security." 


As news of a global financial crisis grabs the headlines almost daily, some experts are speaking out about how the markets are being manipulated.
“The global financial system is teetering on the edge of a cliff,” said Rob Kirby, a financial markets expert and a guest on TRUNEWS with Rick Wiles.
Kirby has spent decades working in the markets, including the Bank of Nova Scotia, Prebon Yamane and Investor’s Group, the largest mutual fund company in Canada.  He used to believe it was paranoid to think the markets were controlled by globalists. Now he agrees with the assessment.
He told Wiles the Exchange Globalization Fund is controlling the world.
Created by Congress in 1934, the EGF is an arm of the U.S. Treasury, Kirby claims is “secretive”.  He said it was funded by the confiscation and revaluation of gold from American citizens to the tune of 3 billion.
“This entity is accountable to nobody. This entity publishes no financials. This entity operates in all markets, follows no laws foreign or domestic, and this entity is a menace to the world,” he said.
He claimed they control energy complex, the currency markets, and the interest rate markets through derivatives.
The Secretary of the Treasury is in charge of the EGF. Not much is available about the fund, due to national security concerns, unlike the Federal Reserve, which has accountability to Congress and must testify twice a year.
“EGF is never questioned. EGF is never grilled. There’s no oversight,” he said.
Kirby said the globalist-controlled EGF is involved in arms running, regime changes, and destroying currency. Their goal is one world government, one world religion, one world currency, and population reduction.
But, he believes there is optimism because people are starting to open their eyes to it. The evidence is in the rise in popularity of non-establishment politicians, like Donald Trump.  Russia has also made a stand.
Kirby believes Russian President Vladimir Putin is not working with the globalists. He referenced the recent refusal to allow Monsanto into Russia, as evidence.
During the interview, Kirby also discussed the drop in oil, and believes it is an intentional move to bankrupt Russia.
Last week Nikolai Patruschev, the Secretary of Russia’s Security Council accused the U.S. of wanting Russia’s natural resources and world domination, according to Sputnik.
“The whole globalist creed is to bring order out of chaos,” Kirby said.

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