More Untruth About Donald Trump (Video)

 The lies against Trump in the media continue, time to set the record straight. 

According to CAIR, Muslim's that are supporting a Republican candidate for President in 2016 prefer Trump more than Cruz, Rubio or Kasich combined.  

Black voters in 2016 are currently polling at 12% for Trump. In 2012 Romney got 5%, 2008 McCain had 1% in 2004 Bush had 7% and in 2000 Bush had 3%. 

And so many other lies that are set straight in the video, that it is worth the time spent in my opinion. 

To be real, Trump in my view has the worst grasp of some of the periphery issues or even explaining his own plan with great specificity.  He is brash, arrogant and sometimes vulgar.  He is not politically correct, a master at handling the media and he is self funded. Personally I can do without the arrogance and the vulgarity. But perhaps America needs a brash President in the White House that is a bull in a china shop. Certainly we don't need more of the same in 2016. 

When I watch not just the Democrats and the mainstream media, but the Republican establishment (joining with Democrats in spending millions of dollars against a fellow Republican is more than a bit odd), the Pope and of course the anarchist groups funded by George Soros like Black Live Matter and, go on an all out Blitzkrieg of Donald Trump, I can't help but think Trump might be the man to vote for.   
For many months leading up to the primaries I had been strongly considering voting for Cruz, who has stood up, (and sometimes alone) and fought for Liberty and the Constitution while being what seems to me a committed Christian.  Yesterday when he climbed on the shoulders of the George Soros and Bill Ayers protesters in Chicago and placed blame on Trump for their violence, that was the straw the broke the proverbial camels back for me.

The lies against Trump will no doubt continue to grow bolder and very possibly the protesting will too.  Those of us who understand the battle this nation is in must fight back these lies with the truth. 

Stefan Molyneux