Phyllis Schlafly Faces Coup Over Trump Endorsement/ Cruz Campaign Behind it?

This is simply incredulous and I am honestly shocked.  Schlafly has been a conservative stalwart for decades, leading the charge for years against anti- family agenda's in this nation.  She has made a strong case for Trump. She is a brilliant mind and a Christian women who understands what is occurring and has been occurring in this nation like few I've ever listened to or heard.   She is as lucid in her writing and on her radio show as she has ever been.   -W.E.


Facing down an attempt to oust her from Eagle Forum, the grass-roots organization she founded 44 years ago.  Washington Post | David Weigel - April 12, 2016

Just one month after she endorsed Donald Trump for president, conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly says she is facing down an attempt to oust her from Eagle Forum, the grass-roots organization she founded 44 years ago.

“At 2 p.m. today, six directors of Eagle Forum met in an improper, unprecedented telephone meeting,” Schlafly said in a curious and specific statement sent to reporters Monday evening. “I objected to the meeting and at 2:11pm, I was muted from the call. The meeting was invalid under the bylaws but the attendees purported to pass several motions to wrest control of the organization from me. They are attempting to seize access to our bank accounts, to terminate employees, and to install members of their own Gang of 6 to control the bank accounts and all of Eagle Forum.”
Ed Martin, who Schlafly elevated to president of Eagle Forum in 2015, told The Washington Post that Schlafly had not been ousted yet, but that it was clearly the plan of Eagle’s board. In an interview with WorldNetDaily, which publishes her work, the 91-year-old Schafly speculated that her Trump endorsement and opposition to the idea of a National Convention of States had roiled her opponents.
If so, the evidence had been building for months. After Schlafly made a surprise appearance at a Trump rally in Missouri, some Eagle Forum leaders criticized her; Cathie Adams, who runs the group’s Texas branch, flatly speculated whether she could make a sound decision at her age.
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