Ted Cruz Celebrates Wyoming Win Calling Voter-Less Contest a “Grassroots Uprising”

Louisiana, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia and Wyoming.  
Welcome to the oligarchy and establishment politics Senator Cruz, you are doing wonderful.

One of the big knocks on Trump is that he doesn't come across as Presidential.  Thankfully we don't need to worry about Cruz in this regard.  The Canadian born nominee looks quite Presidential....after the style of Community Organizer-and-Chief Barack Obama. 
Because, nothing says "Presidential" like "winning" delegates and calling it a "grassroots victory" like primaries without voters. And nothing says democracy like elections without voters either.  Congratulations to him.
Can't wait for more GOP rules that one day might include a voter-less general election. I mean, as long as its "in the rules" its all good, right?  At least there is something that the Demoncrats and the Rinopublicans could agree on.  -W.E.

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The Republican establishment has joined with Ted Cruz to wrangle all of the GOP delegates away from Donald Trump.
It’s the establishment’s last chance to stop Trump.
The #CruzCrew and anti-Trump Super PACs are even working in states Donald Trump has won to steal delegates from the GOP frontrunner. 

In Colorado Ted Cruz nabbed all 34 of the delegates from a voter-less contest.
Saturday in Wyoming Ted Cruz again snatched up all of the 14 delegates in another voter-less contest.

Cruz called his victory in Wyoming a “grassroots victory”.

cruz wyoming2

Cruz and the GOP establishment have nabbed 48 voter-less delegates in the last two weeks.

Tonight Ted Cruz celebrated the voter-less delegates in a new tweet.

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