End Times News: Are You Ready For What's Coming? (Latest Events) May, 2016

* SuperBug Hits U.S. Soil   (Pestilence -Matthew 24:7)
* Flesh-eating Sweeps Middle East  (Pestilence-Matthew 24:7)
* ISIS Terror-(Nation shall against nation and kingdoms against kingdoms-Matthew 24:7 )
* Syrian Refugees coming to America ( NWO, open borders, Trojan horse, one world) 
* Transgender "rights" - (As in the days of Lot -Luke 17:28-30
* Push for Socialism - (End of middle-class, economic collapse, out of chaos-order...NWO)
* Robots replacing American workers - (Depopulation agenda, Out of Chaos-Order)
* Venezuela's societal and socialistic collapse- (NWO, Out of Chaos-Order)
* Spread of Satanism across America (Rise of antichrist spirit)
* Push for Sharia Law (Persecution of Christian's and Jews) 
* Multiple erupting volcano's world-wide ("fearful sights" Luke 21:11)
* Strange sun activity ("And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon" Luke 21:25
* New Push for Israel-Palestine peace talks (precursor to "confirming a covenant"?- Daniel 9:27)

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