Lucifer has Arrived "Breaking News"

I kept waiting for Beyonce, Lady Gaga and the Witch of Endor to all show up with maybe Jezebel stopping by late for a grand finale with Elijah.  Really. 

Please forgive me for another video regarding the bizarre demonic ritual this weekend near CERN.  But this is REALLY SOMETHING. I mean, just when I thought I had seen it out in the open and in your face with foreign leaders, dignitaries and media on hand. This does means SOMETHING;  The Luciferian Elites are growing bolder.  
They do want their dark one to come. (Although they believe him to be a light one) 
Muslim's are about ready to start WW 3 thru 5 if that is what it takes to bring their Mahdi.   New-agers still await Maitreya. Some think that the mothership is coming from the clouds to save us.
The world is conditioned in so many ways to accept the antichrist. Indeed, they are already clamoring for him. -W.E.


This is narrated by Rick Wiles who is vehemently not pre-trib, but I forgive him anyway :)

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