Millions Already Chipped- RFID (666) Implant Done Without Obamacare

Please excuse the dramatic headline. This is not meant to scare anyone. This is not necessarily proven to be fact, but would not surprise me.   
Though the Mark of the Beast will be a great deception in and of itself, I believe that people will have to willingly and knowingly take the actual Mark of the Beast.  It will be a choice people make of their own free volition to choose the antichrist or God and those who choose wrong will pay for eternity.   
The RFID may be a precursor to the Mark, or it may be just one more way that the Elite use to control us.  I personally believe both are true.  But an RFID today, in this age of Grace is not an automatic sentence to hell.  
Last thought, because I am sensing from friends and family a great deal of fear as the days grow darker.  Just a cursory search on BibleGateway of the key words "Fear not" give over 150 verses of God telling His people throughout scripture to FEAR NOT.  I think He is trying to make a point.  God has your back.  In fact, He has you written on the palm of His hand.  
Fear not.

C. Ervana

Propaganda about RFID chip and other implantable technologies is now being fed to the public. We see millennials listening to these messages. Most people who willingly receive RFID chip implants are millennials. But the New World Order wants to chip everybody. 
There is evidence they have made this a priority objective.

I have studied medical devices for the past 5 years and teach classes on informatics, medical technology, and trends. Every semester, I teach my students about the use of RFID in health care, and future projections about its use. At this point, I can't help but believe a conspiracy is underway, as companies have secretly embedded microchips into a variety of implants without people knowing about it. These microchips show up in knee and hip replacements, pacemakers and defibrillators, cochlear implants, breast implants, and a variety of prosthetics. Let me be clear, NOT ALL of these implants contain microchips. But some of them do, and this could mean that millions of people are microchip implants inside of them.

We were warned back in 2007 by NBC that society was headed in the direction of a "brave new world." It seems many people did not take this clip seriously or seem to care about the projection that was made: by 2017, people would have a microchip underneath their skin. But over the past decade, there have been concerted efforts to chip, hardwire, connect, and digitalize everything in our lives. And now, the focus is on our bodies.

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