The Right Guy

Wild Bill for America

"Now the dumbest most ignorant and the most foolish statement going around today that there is no difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. 
If you hear anyone make that statement you can write that person off as permanently untrustworthy. They clearly have demonstrated that they have no concept of the issues.  

For the first time we have a political candidate who tells us what he thinks instead of giving us carefully crafted sound bites on what he thinks we want to hear. 
Trump's big mouth I say is a refreshing change from the carefully crafted manipulation that we get from all the other candidates now. 
When both the Democratic and the Republican establishment hate your candidate ID say you found the right guy.
When those who hate the American flag are showing up at rallies to viciously attack his supporters I'd say you've found the right guy.  
When black thugs put out the word that if your guy is elected they will riot and burn cities all over the country I'd say you've found the right guy. 
When the bloodthirsty Islamic leaders threatened more attacks if this guy is elected you found the right guy.
And pay careful attention to those who call themselves conservatives but who are going all out to sabotage Donald Trump.  What is their motivation why would they help Hillary Clinton? And I don't care how loudly they claim they're not helping Hillary Clinton.  They are helping Hillary Clinton."

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