Trump a Racist? The Duplicity of our Media!

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The effrontery of this double standard is so blinding, that the only way liberals can bluff their way through it is with indignation.  

DO I HEAR YOU RIGHT? ARE YOU SAYING A JUDGE’S ETHNICITY COULD INFLUENCE HIS DECISIONS? (Please, please, please don’t bring up everything we’ve said about white judges and juries for the past four decades.)

I am aghast, taken aback, bowled over, almost speechless on the duplicity of the parading, political pundits, practicing punitive pabulum, against The Donald, who by the way has garnered more votes in a primary than any other candidate in history.

Shame on Paul Ryan for calling Trumps remarks racist.

Here’s an example of what I mean. Do we really think a judge who is a mason is not going to favor his fellow mason that stands before him and gives him the “high sign?”

What about the supreme court “justices”? Do we really think they are unbiased? If so, then why do they always vote along their core values, their ideological beliefs . Why is it that the court almost always votes the same way. What a farce. Impartiality? I don’t think so.

I find it interesting that the media and even Speaker Ryan and Mitch McConnell area all jumping on the Get-Trump-Bandwagon. Why? Because they are terrified that if he gets elected he will see the dung heap that Washington has become. He will clean house, demand accountability, balance the budget and go after the weasels who have crippled this country.

Interesting that Hillary is given a pass while the reality is that she may be indicted for her ongoing email scandal. Then we have the BenGhazi disaster, her threat of raising taxes, abolishing the second amendment and her stance on abortion, which basically doesn’t give any rights to the unborn until it leaves the birth canal, The dubious Clinton Foundation and of course the Bimbo eruptions of her husband.

Of course the Weasels in Washington and the press all want Hilary to win so things can continue, just as they are, for another four years. In short, if she is elected I predict it will be the nail in the coffin for the America that once was. Socialism, Obamacare, transgendered bathrooms, endless immigration, higher taxes and the death of the small business man and bigger and bigger government will rule the day.

Back to Trump. Trump has stated that he doesn’t think he can get a fair trial because the judge in the case is of Mexican heritage. Trump has threatened to build a wall. Vincente’ Fox, the former El Presidente of Mexico, gave Trump the middle finger salute in a recent photo-op. Of course that’s not racism is it? Trump’s threatening to build a wall would have no effect on the judge in Trumps litigation, who as Anne Coulter states in her pithy article, is tied into La Raza, which means, The race!

In closing todays post. The media wait like hungry sharks for Trump to misspeak and then they go into a feeding frenzy. Meanwhile Hillary is the darling of the left, with nothing but worn-out talking points and no accomplishments. Can you name one single thing Hillary has actually done? Think for a moment…. interesting how nothing comes to mind.

The media is duplicitous. They are all in the tank with the left-wing, liberal ideology that at the moment controls the movies, TV and pretty much all forms of media. Guys like Chris Matthews should be fired for declaring Hilary the nominee before the ballots were cast, let alone tallied.

Trump is a fighter and he’s in for the fight of his life, as the so-called Republican establishment like Ryan, McConnell, JEB!, and the media are all piling on the get-trump bandwagon. Bully for Trump! The judge should recuse himself as maybe, just maybe he might be biased… Of course, I too, am now a racist for saying that.

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