America in 2017: Proof We are Living in the End Times

At the very least, the first two minutes of this is a must see, especially for those who are awake and somewhat knowledgeable about the net that is being encircled around us, i.e., the global beast has to literally be the one of the most chilling thing I have watched from the perspective of the NWO in quite some time.  
It would seem the stage is set and the actors are in place for the drama that is now unfolding. Some are only awaiting the lead villain to enter stage left in this real life drama known as the end of the age of which, for those who have entered through the wide gate, will have a final plot twist that will leave them eternally regretful at the final curtain call. 
For others of us who have entered through the narrow gate, we are awaiting our Hero of the story to return for another command performance and an encore of encores....

Jason A