“To the angel of the church in Pergamum write: ‘I know your works, and where you dwell... where Satan’s throne is.  -Revelation 2:12  (emphasis added)

The ancient city of Pergamum was in what is now the land of Turkey. -W.E. 
C. Ervana

What is the "Day of Rage?" Answer: It is directly linked to ushering in the Mahdi of Islam, the 12th Imam.

My suspicion is that the recent July 15th "Day of Rage" was a phrase meant to indicate a turning point in the collapse of the West, starting with Turkey, which is considered the crossroads of East and West. Not unsurprisingly, Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey came out immediately and blamed Obama for inciting a riot in his country. Meanwhile, the Lame Stream Media in the U.S. accused Erdogan of inciting the coup to concentrate his power. Erdogan scheduled immediate meeting with Vladimir Putin to discuss Obama's involvement in the Turkish coup. This is not surprising, considering Obama HAS INTENTIONALLY INCITED the collapse of several Middle Eastern governments through the "Arab Spring," which was a false democratic uprising in countries like Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, that concentrated Obama's power over this region.

What many people don't understand is the importance of the Day of Rage in Islam. Days of Rage have been organized for nearly 50 years by militant Islam as an uprising against Israel and against the West. Just after several Muslim countries lost land to Israel in the 6 Day War of 1967, they decided to organize into the Islamic Cooperation, which is a confederation of 57 states throughout the world. The official beginning of the cooperation was in 1969. Oddly, this is the same year for William Ayers' "Day of Rage" protest in Chicago, when Ayers and others inside the terrorist organization called the Weather Underground created one of America's first "Day of Rage" events in order to "bring the war home." It is no secret that Ayers was Barack Obama's best friend and one of his major mentors over the course of Obama's early adult life. Obama (who is part Jewish) has, for his entire life, been steeped in a stunning degree of occult Islamic and radicalized training, including under Mohammed Subud (childhood teacher), William Ayers (during young adult years), and Jeremiah Wright (middle adult life leading into presidential election).

Days of Rage have been organized since 1967 in preparation for the appearance of the Mahdi. The Day of Rage is a Muslim phrase and has nothing to do with Black Lives Matter. There are a variety of interpretations about the Mahdi in Islam: who he is; when he will arrive, etc. Interestingly, a very large Islamic website in the English language called has declared the arrival of the Mahdi is set for 2016.

In Islam, there is a frequently misunderstood prophecy called the "Sun Rising in the West." In fact, a vast majority of Muslims do not understand this prophecy and have advocated that it will indicate there will be a pole-shift at the time of the end, so that the sun literally rises in the West. However, if you look into the prophecy, the sun rising in the west could be an indication that a man will come out of the West and become the Mahdi. Mahdi means "the one who is anointed." Interestingly, Mahdi backwards means "the one who shines," or "the one who lights a fire" among Eastern languages. This man will rule over "the black banners of the East." Be warned: You must reject the Mahdi if you are left behind. You will be delivered unto death if you accept him.

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