Lynch Before Congress Obfuscates and a Flower Falls

 "The grass withers and the flowers fall...." -Isaiah 40:8

I am often sad of late, watching in living color this once great nation come apart at the seams.   
I have on my coffee table a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  They look quite lovely.  But they have been cut away from their roots, their foundation if you will.  They are already dead; they just don't appear that way yet.  Soon the flowers will begin to wilt, and then they will fall. 

Another petal fell today from the flower that is America.

Self-government isn't supposed to work this way; it can't work this way.  Creating a nation-wide "us against them" mentality undermines the foundations this nation was built on. In a Republic where we are self-governed, there simply has to be some level of trust.  Dishonesty, corruption and lies are not a standard this nation or any nation can bear.

You don't have to watch her testimony before Congress for very long to realize that the Attorney General of the United States, Loretta Lynch was playing politics.  

She would not answer a direct question directly. 

We have seen this show before from her predecessor Eric Holder as he covered for Obama. (And vice-versa) 

She did not explain or add any insight into why she completely let Hillary Clinton off the hook, leaving We The People to only one conclusion -- she is covering for Clinton.

When has this current administration taken any sort of punitive action against a single scandal it has been embroiled in throughout the Obama presidency?  Fast and Furious? Eric Holder's potential perjury to which Obama cried "Executive Privilege!!!" ? 
The IRS targeting conservative groups?  Benghazi where 4 men died, not to mention the lie about the attack being caused by a video?   

We realize of course that the Obama Justice Department wasn't going to hold Obama's feet to the fire every time he has broken laws in office. Heaven forbid Justice would be blind in this day and age.   Rather, shoulders are just shrugged as the dirt is swept under the proverbial rug.

The losers of course are We The People.  The loser is the American Justice system, and with it the Republic. 

We are already wilting.  -W.E. 

Scott Anthony

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